We futurize the property ecosystem.


We make properties part of the solution.

We enable property owners and other stakeholders to optimize their technical installations and meet sustainability targets in the smartest and most cost-efficient way possible, making a big difference in boosting profitability, saving resources and fighting climate change.

We ensure rapid deployment coupled with a high impact on consumption and emissions shortly after installation.

We prolong the lifetime of buildings and increase their value by 10-25% while safeguarding low CAPEX, low share of total building OPEX and superior pay-back time.

We provide easy access to and control of all technical installations from anywhere through a cloud solution.

We integrate and connect all technical systems across brands and year of deployment without internal software and servers.


Kiona has a fantastic position to grow further as we help our customers cut down on costs while at the same time reducing emissions and waste, effectively supporting the fight against climate change.

Buildings account for 40% of Europe’s emissions, mainly from heating and cooling, and 75% of all buildings are energy inefficient. Forecasts indicate that as much as 95% of today’s facilities will be used in 50 years.

At the same time, it’s the EU’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. Optimisation of energy consumption in buildings will be essential in achieving that goal since the potential reductions are so large and the economic gain so significant for the industry.

Kent Zehetner, Pivot Invest Board chair

With the smartest technology platform on the market, we enable clients to maximise energy and resource efficiency in buildings while considerably improving profitability.

We provide great benefits for both existing and new customers. We offer an open, flexible and easy-to-use proptech platform adapted to the client’s sophistication and needs, no matter what kind of building. And we do all of this mainly by digitalising installations already in place, avoiding costly reinvestments.

Trond-Øystein Bjørnnes CEO

We are on a journey with our new group and share the ambition to build Europe’s leading flexible, open and independent proptech platform.

We want to create a platform that makes opportunities.
Opportunities for our customers, partners, consultants, system integrators and developers to create the best possible solutions to fight resource waste and climate change with ease.
We want to allow this regardless of the technology chosen and without vendor lock-in.

Jon Åkerström CPO

To property owners and other stakeholders, we are the empowering partners. We enable energy and resource efficiency through an open, customisable and user-friendly proptech platform proven to meet the climate challenge in a cost-efficient and future-proof way.

Kiona is well positioned to revolutionise property management as our solutions meet existing and emerging customer needs in a unique and highly innovative way.

The technology and competence embedded in our organisation are a solid foundation for the journey ahead as we push forward to drive innovation in the industry.

Gisle Glück Evensen, Summa Equity Board member

Kiona Group

The Kiona Group is set to be the leading proptech company in Europe, enabling stakeholders to optimise resource efficiency while reducing emissions from buildings through the monitoring, control and optimisation of energy usage. With well-proven solutions for integration and connectivity, the Kiona Group helps customers achieve their financial and sustainability objectives by digitalising new and old buildings and their systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration. Already there are 33000 commercial property, residential and public buildings and 3000 grocery stores in Europe that are daily users of the Kiona Group’s solutions and services. Kiona Group has a total turnover of more than 20 million Euros and 135 employees.

IWMAC is a cloud-based SCADA software provider supporting companies to reduce their energy consumption and product losses with solutions that connect, monitor, and control technical installations in 4,000 buildings, including specialist solutions for grocery stores and industrial refrigeration.


Egain is a technology SaaS provider within digital control and energy optimisation of residential and government buildings, developing IoT solutions, mobile apps, and AI-based software currently serving more than 5,000 buildings and 300,000 apartments in 11 countries.

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Cebyc is a leading provider of software for energy, waste and environmental management, covering the complete value chain from sensors to reports, ensuring data quality and continuity. Its software brand Energinet is today used at more than 25 000 buildings.

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Moldeo is an innovative provider of software for visualising control systems, mainly focused on building automation. The flagship product Web Port scales from HMI to SCADA with broad features that balance ease-of-use and flexibility with 4,000 installations delivered.

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